Karen Pryor, the queen of clicker training has just announced the release date for her new book “Reaching the Animal Mind: the Clicker Training Method and What it Teaches Us About Animals” . KPCT is currently offering a launch special with $5.00 off the cover price and this includes an author’s autograph. It sounds like it will be a good read with interesting information on the neuroscience behind the success of clicker training as well as lighter stories about the amazing language we can develop with all animals through reward-based training methods, something the Clicker Leash Co. strives to bring to the general dog-loving public.

The publication date is June 16 and at that time the price will go up to $25.00 which is still very reasonable for the amount of research and personal experiences Karen Pryor has compiled over the years of her vast animal training career. If you haven’t already got it on your shelves, you should also pick up “Don’t Shoot the Dog,”  Pryor’s 1999 “bible” on positive reinforcement training that has sold over 300,000 copies since it was released.

If you are looking for other great books and DVDs on training and communicating with your dog, we recommend Mungo’s Books in Canada and Dogwise in the US.