The Washington Post reported Sunday that the Obamas have visited with their new Portuguese Water Dog, a gift from Senator Edward Kennedy who apparently is a big fan of the breed. The Obama girls re-named the dog Bo after their cousins’ cat and because their grandfather was nicknamed Didley after the late, influential musician. Bo is expected to arrive officially on Tuesday. We wish Bo many happy years with his new family and hope he enjoys the spotlight! He certainly is a cutie!

The Obama Puppy Training List:

– Teach Bo a fast response to his new name

– Show Bo where to go (no funny business in the oval office!)

– Sit and stay for photographs

– Don’t jump on reporters or visiting world leaders

– Play nicely with Sasha and Malia

– Walk politely on leash so the family can unwind with a relaxing stroll at the end of the day

– Teach Bo to fetch so he can easily burn some energy while his new dad leads the US in an economic recovery