It is almost time for President Obama and his family to Train Humane! Their new puppy is slated to arrive this week, possibly making an appearance at the annual White House Easter egg hunt on Monday. According to TMZ, the Obamas have chosen a six-month-old Portuguese Water dog from a kennel in Texas. The dog was returned to the breeder and is currently named Charlie.

The Clicker Leash was included in a “First Puppy Gift Box” that was compiled by LA-based PR firm Wow! Creations and given to the Obamas in March. The Clicker Leash can be used to train dogs of any age but provides a great way to bond with newly adopted dogs who may not have been shown love from the start. According to reports, the Obamas plan on re-naming the dog and he Clicker Leash can make that easy too!  Hopefully the family will take 11 minutes out of their day to review the training videos at that demonstrate basic obedience skills including how to teach a dog it’s name.

We wish the Obamas all the best with the new addition to their family! Happy training!